For my best friends forever: Marium Jamil, Asfia Arham Khursheed, Nimra Binte Khalid, Tehreem Aftab and Sumeen Farooqui.

I know when I’ll spend each day
In your memory, dreading my fears
You’ll still be just a call away
To wipe off all my sorrows and tears
And your eternal smile will last longer
Than all the guffaws of my peers.
I know that when I’ll leave school
And all its treasures behind
For once, I’ll look back and see
Recall the memories of you
Laugh over all the jokes we ever made
And cry again over all the woes.
I know when I’ll go to college
And I’ll find no helping hand
My lips would form that five-letter word
That made my life ever so grand
And I’ll miss you so and remember your words
And will finally see the shores and the land.
I know when I’ll have no one at the uni
I’ll look back to my high school buddy
Who was so mature, so kind and brave
So helping, sweet, honoured and grave
So naturally secure, so wisely aware
For you each teardrop I will save.
I know that when I’ll grow old,
And when all my memories are lost
For once, I’ll catch my heart and feel
The beat of the heart of a nameless friend
Who stood by me in highs and lows
And took me through life’s daring trends.
I know that when I’m about to die
My heart would send a call to you
And I don’t know what makes me so sure
That you’ll return the call from me
And respond with the same punctuality
That you used to, when we were high school friends!