Where is my Muse?

A poem written on 6th June, 2010. Weather: PHET! Rainy.

A little introduction: Muse is the Greek mythical goddess of inspiration who was believed to inspire poets and artists with new ideas.

The clouds have gathered upon the sky,
Torrential rains are pouring down.
There are beautiful scenes, a wonderful weather
But I need more than just sights and sounds.
They say poets are sensitive and soft;
They need only a momentary spark.
But I’m still waiting for an inspiration,
I’ve lost my Muse somewhere in the dark.
Where is my Muse? Is it hiding from me?
Is it beyond the dark clouds covering the heavens?
Or is it in the cupboard among dusty books?
Has it been ruined by pretence and lies?
I’ve spent a year like a soul-less shell.
My Muse is gone, it’s a memory of the past.
I have thoughts and wishes that swell
But I don’t remember failing when I sat down last.
Where is my Muse? Is it biding away time
In my clustered drawers where I’ve kept my treasures?
Is it lost in the boxes of terpentine
or has it been rusted by fake leisures?
I’ve been working hard, for what I don’t know!
I’ve been let down and pulled up, to and fro…
I’ve felt happy, sad and depressed in  a row –
It’s been a busy year, touch and go!
Where is my Muse? Is it somewhere in these pages?
Is it shrunk in the ink bottle I’ve ignored for long?
Has it abandoned me forever after sporadic rages?
I need my Muse to feel safe and strong!
Where is my Muse? Is it somewhere in these lines?
Will it help me out of this desolate mess?
Did it really survive the trying times?
What a blessing from God to be able to express!