8th October Earthquake

Pakistan was hit by a devastating earthquake in the northern regions on the 8th of October, 2005.


The morning that is so fresh and bright
Was filled with cries and dust and smoke
There were faces of terror and pictures of fright
Many people dead even before they woke.
A whole confusion of screams and yells
As rubble was seen till distant lands
No laughter of children, no hues, no bells
A scene of red and brown at hand.
A total mess of dead and alive
Some in utter shock, some in despair
As young and elders who survive
Their sorrows and wounds beyond repair.
Like every fever has a cause
And every disease, a medicine
Let us to think for some moments, pause
And find the cure of this apprehension.
We see in our history when Muslims drifted away
From the golden principles of Islam
They lived to see that punishing day
As a moral to strengthen our Iman.
When amidst our worldly pleasures,
God sent a warning to all of us
Let us direct all our endeavours
To the path told by God to us.