Dream World Resort experience

We had a family picnic for two days (and one night) at Dream World Resort. Even after spending so much time there, we still weren’t able to cover all the activities that the resort offers.

Visit the Dreamworld website: http://www.dreamworldresort.com/cms/

Brief conclusion of the visit: Dream World Lagoon is the place to be in vacations!

Detailed account:
Whether you’re a toddler, teenager or ageing citizen, here is my list of top 10 reasons to definitely visit the resort. (Members only access. Members may bring guests.)

  1. You’re a Karachiite, you love adventure and bonus point if it beats the heat!
  2. You want a gigantic place to hang out with a bus full of relatives
  3. You need a place where you don’t just indulge in nostalgic moments watching your kids have all the fun
  4. You want to go to the beach, but since the oil spill, it’s just been a wish!
  5. You’re stubborn enough to demand all dry and wet sports to be available at the same place so you don’t have to drive your family around the city all day
  6. You’re tired of the old activities in other clubs and everything else “upcoming” since 2005.
  7. You want a club where you can act like a family guy with your relatives and rock hard, looking cool with your friends
  8. You’ve visited all the Lawn exhibitions and the next thing on your “lady luxury” list is a good spa to relax
  9. You’ve never seen a dancing fountain, even on YouTube! 🙂
  10. Heck! You don’t need a reason! Kids are whining, you’re bored… just get the hell out and enjoy! 🙂