Kudos to my college teachers!


(D. A. Degree College for Women Phase VIII – Karachi)

People told me life is tough, they said it is uneven
They said it is hard and the path is beaten
They said it is difficult to find sincere people
People said dedication is rare and feeble
I was afraid of discouragement, shy and cold
But Ms. Sidra, Ms. Naila made me firm and bold
They pushed me on in the path of life
Provided me with guidance on motives and strife
I’d never stepped behind a rostrum in my life
Ms. Samina taught me how to think and survive
I was uncertain and afraid of making mistakes
She taught me no human is God, whatever he fakes
Ms. Saima Mustafa showed me the way to embrace work
She taught me it was no use to shrink and shirk
Ms. Samia, Ms. Saima, taught about theorems of patience
They inculcated a passion for consistency and cadence
Ms. Deeba, Ms. Ayesha kindled the burning curiosity
They led us to thinking and improvising for eternity
If ever I learnt how to smile for my peers
Ms. Tahseen showed me how to dry up my tears
Who taught me how to suppress and overcome my shudders?
Ms. Rabia Mohsin, Ms. Zunaira, who were like my mothers
And Ms. Mehnaz who stood like a friend, like a shield and rock
Who encouraged, supported and never let me hock
Today, I hold my head high; she taught me grace and dignity
Prof. Nasreen Nasir, I am thankful infinitely
I am thankful and grateful; I have no words to explain
I feel blessed, I feel honoured beyond expressive domains
This college has blessed me, revealed to me the way
Given me a hope, for danger’s never quite at bay.
I saw the tough, I felt the uneven
But I went through it smoothly, unharmed and unbeaten
They said it is difficult to find sincere faces
I say, they’ve been looking in the wrong places.