Life – A Poem

A dark corridor flanked by gloom on both sides,
Footsteps of treachery becoming louder,
At every step, loathing and malice hides,
And discrimination looms prouder.

In the shadows, falsehood lurks,
Silently laughing at the struggling fact –
A captive, a prisoner, ready to burst,
But the chains of corruption remain intact.

The ghosts of war, eerie and sinister,
Glide on the threshold – a haunting sight.
The dank corridor that they administer,
Is what but a walkway of acts so vile?

The corridor is doomed but for a ray of hope
That shines in through the naughty dark,
Watch it helplessly feel and grope
For any survivor from the melancholy park.

The virtues, the morals, the good deeds and acts,
They’re reaching out for those who heed,
But for those who are lost in these murky tracks,
They are doomed with the corridor lunging deep.