Story of an Earthquake Survivor

Pakistan was hit by a devastating earthquake on 8th October, 2005.


I wake up one Sunday morning
To find that my family is gone.
My house has tumbled down to earth,
While the wind around me blows mercilessly on.
I look around me for someone to help.
I search the grounds for some assistance.
Someone who would tell me what has happened just now
And how my whole life met a dead end!
A piercing pain races through my arms,
My legs beneath me cannot support my weight.
I find deserted plains and rubble all around
When once there used to be gardens and fanciful gates.
The sunset draws near, my pain is excruciating.
The thronging stings find their way to my heart.
I cry out openly, shout for help and scream,
And I pray for the end of the world and of my part.
It is better for me to pray for death,
When the ceaseless pain spreads in my body so.
I wish to God he would put me to rest
Which is better than this torture so slow.