The Colony at Work


The piece of bread passes on
From Derrick to Nicole
Nicole takes the burden
Towards the nearest hole.

Mary takes over next
And proceeds in the dark
When Tom takes it from her
As happy as a lark.

Tom goes as fast as he can
And passes it on to Bob
Deeper into the tunnel he goes
And then gives it over to Bran.

Over the ups and downs
Of the muddy passageway
Goes Bran hurriedly
Over the moss and hay.

Brian comes over
And relieves him of the bread
The bread goes round the corner
And onto Christina’s head.

Clutching it with her teeth
Looking proud of the job assigned
She enters Her Majesty’s room
Tired body and mind.

All day long the colony works
To feed the proud Queen Ant
Everyday is the same
As the workers work and pant.