The Pilot


The pilot soared above the stretching lands
Determined to achieve the goal so grand
He swerved left and then to the right
Swiftly moving among the varied sights
There the children play, seen as specks
There he could see turned up, eager necks
He whooshed past the rising tides
Gallantly past the sandy strides
He had to go on, he could never pause
He had a sacred, awaiting cause
Nearing the place, his face became taut
With increasing spirit he’d from childhood got
He faced the muddle of planes ahead
Ready to fight, he plunged into the dead
As he moved through the maze, preparing to shoot,
His life flashed past from shoot to root
A bawling child in his sister’s arms…
Bullets pelting towards him in swarms…
A mother crying nearby… a father shouting in anxious tones…
The screams of children… the ringing of phones…
And all of a sudden the grasp went loose
The child fell, he could hear more woes
Someone yelling, beckoning him inside
Another shot, the father fell to his side
His mother’s screams called him home
He trudged towards them, afraid and alone
One by one, the children fell, silent and still
The planes still hovering high above the hills
More bullets rained then the planes were departing
Leaving the mother with her last breaths parting
The child stood scared, confused and afraid
Knowing this was the enemy’s raid
How ruthless a war, how selfish a plan
Against his country’s faithful man…
The pilot welled with emotions… shot down a plane
How dare the enemy attack again?
He’d show them might is not always right
He’ll save his country and for that he’ll fight
Another plane down and he’d just go on
Until he would see the rising dawn
He dove to the right and turned to the left
Courageously fighting back in which he was deft
The planes crashed down, until one hit
His tail from behind in fire lit
As he plummeted towards his country’s land
He gazed for once at the pure, glistening sand
He closed his eyes…he heard a blast
He would be with his family again, at last.