Campaigns in spotlight

I have been noticing two catchy campaigns over the week. They’ve been creative, original and new.

Nestle` Nido 10 signs campaign

Nestle` Nido Fortified Milk

Campaign # 1: Nestle` Nido Fortified Milk

The campaign is based on “10 signs of good nutrition”. It has been launched by Lebanese Association for Nutrition and Food Sciences with the support of Nestle` Nido.

“Good nutrition shows on kids and for parents, seeing is believing,” said Dr. Nahla Hwalla, LANFS president and Dean of Agriculture and Food Sciences Faculty at the American University of Beirut.

The best thing about the Nestle` Nido Fortified campaign (Karachi, Pakistan) was their billboards. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures to share but the billboards were really innovative. Each billboard projected one of the 10 signs. For good appetite, the billboard had been cut in a shape that had a bitten corner (cloud-shaped piece missing). Another hoarding put up on a pedestrian bridge over two roads showed “muscle development”. The board was a usual rectangle but with a child extending all the way down to the pavement between the roads below with his hands under the bridge (as if he was holding the hoarding up there). Another such billboard showed the child’s back with his arm stretching into the billboard (as if he was putting the huge glass of milk in the hoarding).

Campaign # 2: QUBEE Broadband Internet

In their own words: “We’re a new service providing residential and business customers in Pakistan with the best possible broadband internet. That doesn’t just mean broadband connections that are fast and reliable; it also means providing the best possible customer service and support, 24/7.”

I liked the campaign for its synergy… you can always tell it’s a QUBEE ad/ billboard. However, the best thing (s) was their tag-lines:

Royalty’s never kept waiting

Insomnia’s in fashion (my favourite)

More streaming, less screaming!

Stay tuned to the groove

Music without the streaming blues (I don’t know if the pun here was intentional or not, but I like it all the same 🙂 )