Logo design

Designed a logo for my friend, Tehniat Aftab’s blog (bonvivantlifestyle.com). Software: Adobe Illustrator. Check it out on its Facebook fan page here. I’ve also updated the Graphic Designing page. The blog was nominated in the “Best Food Blog” category at Google Pakistan Blog Awards. It’s a must-see for all foodies! 🙂

Tehniat writes about herself: I am a student of Literature and Economics, currently doing my bachelors. Cooking is my passion and I’ve been doing it since I was 12. I like experimenting new things, so I am usually adding up different ingredients and making new recipes.  I have this ingredient-sense which tells me that these two things will go together. I’ve just started sharing my passion with others and hope you all like my work. Most of the recipes are my own, otherwise the chef’s name is given at the end. I try out the recipes myself, and I make up the recipes. I cook food and then take pictures and post it up! You can always leave a comment if you want the recipe of a particular dish – I’ll make it myself and post the pictures and the recipe! Enjoy!

BonVivant Lifestyle (All Things Culinary) – Cook Healthy, Eat Healthy