Help donate for Pakistan Floods Relief

I know that most of the internet users are under 18 and therefore don’t have credit cards, PayPal accounts etc. Currently on-line campaigns are making use of these tools in which most of us cannot participate.

For all such people looking to donate, here are ways of donating via SMS:
Type “PUKAAR” and send it to 4361 for donations to Imran Khan (Pakistan Floods relief efforts).

Please SMS “FUND” to 1234 to donate PKR 10/- in Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund. You will also receive a confirmation message.

You can also SMS “D” to 247 to donate PKR 10 to the Express Helpline Trust for flood relief.

Canadian Wireless subscribers can text “REDCROSS” to 30333.

For a detailed, compiled list of MANY on-line donation campaigns, international sites, sms donations, YouTube videos and other ways to contribute to the relief efforts, please see‘s post on Pakistan Floods 2010.

You can also donate by purchasing Sami Yousuf’s latest single “Hear Your Call” here on Sami Yusuf’s website. View the official video of the song here on YouTube.

KMDC and D. A. Degree College for Women (Ph. VIII) students are also collecting donations (cash and clothes). Please contact any student of these institutes.

Further, PAF-KIET College of Media and Arts is collecting donations. Check photos of their work here: CMA’s Flood Relief Efforts. Please call:

Tanvir: 0321-2709932
Sir Jamshed Butt: 0331-2278780
Sami: 0346-3246893

CALLING ARTISTS: Photographers, Fine Artists, Sculptors: Donate your art for Pakistan Flood Victims. Art for Relief is doing donated art exhibitions to raise funds for people effected by floods. If you can’t donate, help spread the word or help organize the event by becoming a volunteer. See some of the donated works here.

For further details, news, updates and how & where you can donate (via PayPal, credit cards etc.), please visit Google’s Crisis Response for Pakistan Floods page here. To find details of missing people or add to the data, go here (available in English and Urdu).

You can also donate on-line to “The People’s Disaster Management Authority (TPDMA)“. Follow Nuzhat S. Siddiqui on twitter who is one of the volunteers heading these efforts. You can further contact them via e-mail:

Pakistan Youth Alliance has been fearlessly reaching out to far-flung areas daring to face the difficulties of continuing relief work there. You can donate to the PYA on-line here. Also, you can follow @Ali_Abbas_Zaidi (Chairman, PYA) for updates on their relief convoys.

Go to Relief for Pakistan to donate on-line. is also accepting on-line donations.

Special thanks to Google and all the tweeples for tweeting these sources.

Thank you for your donations and prayers. Jazak Allah khair.