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With the odd nights of Ramzan at our very doorsteps, it is time to become closer to Allah and ask His forgiveness. One of these odd nights is the “Night of Determination”. As Allah tells us in Surah Al-Qadr (Al-Quran Chap. 97):

“Truly we revealed it (the Qur’an) on the Night of Determination. …Better is the Night of Determination than a thousand months. On (this night) the angels and blessing descend by the dispensation of their Lord, for settling all affairs. It is peace till the dawning of the day.”

So, this Ramzan, let the angels find you reciting the words of and remembering Allah when they descend with blessings and to settle all affairs.

Read Qur'an Online

QuranFlash - Read Qur'an Online

This website allows you to read the Quran in a flash-based interface. It allows you to choose kind of book (with translation, with exegesis etc.), magnify words and bookmark upto 8 pages among many other useful facilities.

Update: The Quran with English transliteration on this website is not loading on my side. For those of you facing similar problems, there is another site that has easy, verse-by-verse English transliteration of Quran available with Arabic on the right hand side. Please visit: Quran Explorer.

May Allah forgive our sins and bless every Muslim on this night. Ameen.