These tweeples are it; I can be the change too! YES I can!

Lending light
I thank Ms. Sima Jalil for an amazing eye-opening public speaking class today. She made us all stand up and yell “YES we can”! (No, not the ‘Bob the Builder’ cartoon jingle but the representative of the belief that you and I, as individuals can make a change for the better). I also thank my classmates for being so honest in their opinions and forcing me to think so much that it finally urged me to write this blog post. You’re all such an inspiration!

We started off by discussing the Sialkot lynching incident. The conversation spiralled into “why”s and “who”s. Why? Because we have become fearful of the consequences of standing up to such brutality. We have become selfish, thinking about our own safety. Who? We, yes! You and I. We practically became a part of the mob when we did not raise our voices against it. So what can we do now? And THAT took us to bringing about change as individuals. After a lengthy group discussion, we arrived at the conclusion that there are many different means of bringing about change. Yes, you and I, going about our daily routine can make a difference. The obvious question arises: “How?”

We, who were once uni-cellular helpless beings? We, although now grown up, talking, walking, working and blogging, surely we are still helpless under a regime that is brutally hunting down anyone who stands up for good, aren’t we? We have our lives to think about! We can’t risk our lives, our homes, our families just for the sake of stopping an act of evil? Or, can we?
Bringing change, one tweeple at a time

It’s like hitting a blank wall, isn’t it? My classmates and I felt the same at first but soon ideas were spilling out. As we talked, the discussion inevitably turned towards the youth of Pakistan and how they can contribute to a revolution which is the need of the hour. One student pointed out that using networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and blogs to raise awareness will not be as effective as there is a minor percentage of Pakistani youth with access to these facilities. I agree with the student completely that the percentage is small but I disagree that it will be ineffective. It is this small percentage only that has the capability to bring the change because it is this small percentage that is literate and educated enough to control what the uneducated masses are doing.

Finally, coming to the point of this post (sorry about that rant but a prologue was essential), here’s an ode to Tweeples from the Twitterverse whom I’m honoured to be connected to in some small way. I believe it is our responsibility to spread the positives about Pakistan. There are too many people (and media personnel) jabbering about what’s wrong with this country. It’s high time we stood out from the crowd and for a change, highlighted the heroes that dwell in this Land of the Pure. It is our negative attitude that is gradually injecting despair in us and demotivating us; we’re becoming lazier because we are hopeless.

Sparking hope on twitter

From now on, let’s not discuss a negative without discussing its solution as well! Let’s revive hope; Let’s rejuvenate the positive; Let’s BE the change! These tweeples are crystal clear signs that optimism and hope are not unrealistic; that it is still not too late to believe “YES we can!”
Yesterday WAS a ‘me’;
Today, IS a different ‘me’.
Today I believe I am the future for Pakistan.
I believe I am the change!
I believe it is still in range!
If @lxgamer can design flood relief websites
Why can’t I employ my skills for the better?
If @KryptiKnight can code tons of lines
Why can’t I tweet 140 thoughtful letters?
If @ali360 can strive to learn more
Why can’t I kindle my curiosity
If @sabir_khalid can be so sensible
Why can’t I put aside all animosity?
If @harisn can be the youngest blogger
Why can’t I post what is right & wrong?
If @rabiagharib can raise mass awareness
Why can’t I make my friends hopeful and strong?
If  @changemakersPK can gather ideas
Why can’t we spark the flame?
If @Tennnnny can work tirelessly
Why can’t I join the game?
If @FCSabers can take the first step
Why can’t I put in some effort too?
If @sdhashmi can inspire through verse
Why can’t I wash away someone’s woes?
If @Ali_Abbas_Zaidi can share bold thoughts
Why does my tongue tie up so often?
If @P_Y_A can mobilise the youth
Couldn’t we stop wrong when we saw some?
If @themissingslate can encourage creativity
I can definitely play my part as well
If @maryampiracha can drive a force
Hope is definitely still there to sell
If @Atwixt can be a responsible photographer
Why can’t I take the blame for my deeds?
If @kamilrextin can speak through photos
Why can’t I share thoughts on people’s needs?
If @BilalBhatti can strive to be a better being
Why can’t I invest in improving myself?
If @plusones can work courageously for others
Why can’t I, for once, put aside my self?
If @desiwriters can voice their opinions
Why can’t I write or speak for my homeland?
If @TheDoctor65 can be so original
Why do I still follow dominating trends?
If @SidraIqbal‘s voice can win repute for our nation
Why can’t I follow suit instead of bottling my visions?
If @MoeedTariq can initiate encouragement of arts
Why can’t I appreciate and spread good missions?
If @LUMSOlympiad unites more than 1 million students
Why can’t you and I unite for Pakistan’s tomorrow?
If @ISEOpk brings out the best of Pakistan
Why do I whine about negatives and sorrow?
It’s time for the bugle to trill for the unsung heroes
It’s high time we put our differences behind
It is time for me to put my best foot forward and say
YES I CAN be the change that we struggle to find!