Instinct – the one thing every human has, and yet has no control over. Helpless and defeated, we surrender against ourselves.


Credit: ~kleanthis on

The lights shimmered eerily around him
Once charming, now seemed haunting
Illuminating his white hands and feet
Struggling under the water, thrashing.
The depths, dark and looming, pulled
He pushed against them,
As a whirlwind of memories
Hammered in his mind.
Drowning him, deeper and deeper.
He must not breathe, he must not.
He had to breathe, he must not.
He knew it was over.
Battling with himself
Was not how he wanted to die.
He breathed.
Felt himself sink.

She saw her reflection in far away mirror
The buzzing of the crowd distracting her.
Burdened by sadness, that weighed her down
And tears turned her vision to a blur.
It was maddening to cry without a cause.
Almost irritating that she did not know
What the lump in her throat meant
Or why her tears would choose today to flow.
She must not shed them, she must not.
She had to break down, she must not.
She widened her eyes, and swallowed hard.
If she let them drop, would they call her weak?
She sighed.
And finally blinked.