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If you’re looking for the most authentic and comprehensive database of Quranic verses and Hadith, look no further. is the best website I have come across so far. The website has an extensive Index of subjects in the Quran and Hadith. It also provides facilities for reading the Quran on-line (script and calligraphy both), listening to the recitation, multiple translations, and very informative sections about Islam and Islamic history.

Read on about their vision, philosophy and brief history…

Our Vision seeks to provide beneficial Islamic software and services by providing access to Islamic texts and creating tools to encourage the flourishing of a social network integrated within these texts. It furthermore seeks to serve as a general purpose portal for the Muslim community which provides information about social services, events, news and opinion that are of interest to Muslims.

Our Philosophy aims to promote acquiring Islamic knowledge and to help Muslims progress intellectually. The medium of this website facilitates discussion pertaining to Islam within the Islamic source texts. Discussion and knowledge sharing helps facilitate understanding and generation of new thought.

Our Brief History

Alhamdulillah, the Alim and Arabic Playhouse have successfully been serving the Muslim community across the world for almost two decades. Then, early in 2010, the people behind these softwares, along with a new management team, created the Alim Foundation with the intention of putting all of this content online free of charge. Furthermore, we have created a social networking platform that is well integrated with said content. And finally, we have added even more tools to help facilitate learning, discussion and categorization of knowledge to help enrich the existing content and provide a means to expand it.

Alim - Islamic Software