Media Chronicles – Chapter 2

Make history, become a legend.

I’m currently living and breathing this event. The second chapter of Media Chronicles (a theme-based media & arts competition) is opening doors to international entries! Scheduled to be held in mid-September, registrations are open giving you the chance to thrive in the presence of the biggest names in the media industry. This year’s theme is “Our Dreams, Our Future”. What is your dream?

Whether you’re a photographer, film maker, sketch artist, public speaker, animator, graphic designer or stage actor – at Media Chronicles everyone’s a winner – we’ll make sure of that. And to make sure, I have been putting my blood and sweat into the organisation of this event. Registrations are still open so if you’re interested hit us on

Some people wait for the right moment and other plunge at the first opportunity. History is filled with names of those who didn’t keep destiny waiting.

Are you ignoring the knock on your door?