Media Chronicles – Chapter 2 Social Media Campaign

Salam to all Pressers!

As I ranted in my previous post, I’ve been absorbed in organising a theme-based international media & arts competition titled “Media Chronicles“. As Director of Marketing and Public Relations, I had to come up with the social media campaign and design.

Here’s what I came up with…

We’ve been taught a step-by-step process at university thanks to the course “Advanced Media Concepts”. Our teacher Mr. Ahmad Chagla is a Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather.

First, the brand and its philosophies must be clear to you. This wasn’t very difficult as I’m part of the core team organising the event so I knew exactly what and who it was for. 

BRAND: Media Chronicles

TARGET AUDIENCE: Students and freelancers all over the world but mainly in Pakistan, 18-24 years of age not necessarily enrolled in a media sciences institute.

DESIGN PHILOSOPHY: Slightly abstract and witty.

DESIGN LANGUAGE: Since our theme this year is “Our Dreams, Our Future”, the design department came up with a very cool-shaded cyan and sea-green background. That, paired with a vintage font (“Chronicles”) and a serif font, completed the set of assets I had to kick off the campaign with.

CORE IDEA: Make history, become a legend.
The emphasis is to be on “creating” history yourself. Making an effort and then reaping its rewards. The entire competition is based on creative works of youngsters around the world, so originality is the focus.



I sketched four different images. These images were produced using marker and Faber Castell colour pencils. Each image was made up of tiny squares and rectangles that shaped a trophy, a tree, a cloud and a flower. All images were either related to the theme of dreams and future or were a symbol of what the competition held in store for the participants.




I then scanned these images and sent them to Faryab Shah. He is an excellent graphic designer and photographer. His tagline probably describes his work best: “If you think you’re not photogenic, you haven’t met me” 🙂 Not only are his photographs stunning, he has a knack for creating impressive visuals and graphics. He took my sketches, the logo, the background and created this:


This is the composite image that I’ll be posting tonight all over Facebook and Google+. Hope to see you all giving feedback on this. Till another project, Allah Hafiz 🙂