OST Launch Event of Chambaili (the movie)

The Pakistani cinema industry seems to have awoken from a deep slumber. A new dawn is visible on the horizon and the year 2013 specially, is bringing with it promises of what people are calling “The Revival of Lollywood”.

Photo by Faryab Shah

There are numerous telefilms and mega-films being planned for release this year in Pakistan. One of them that has started the first ripples in the film industry is “Chambaili“. According to its producers, Chambaili is the story of freedom, struggle and hope. ‘Chambaili’ is an Urdu word which means ‘jasmine’ – the national flower of Pakistan. We’re expecting a great release because its Original Soundtrack launch event took us all by surprise.


CMA students Ghania Asad, Nawaz Nabi and Syed Faryab Shah attended the Chambaili OST launch event held at Arts Council, Karachi. The event was also live-streamed on Facebook. Najam Sheraz, one of the musicians on the panel, informed the audience that never before had a Pakistani movie’s song listing been taken so seriously. For Chambaili, they collaborated with artists from England as well as Japan, while retaining the desi touch of Pakistan’s beloved music.

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The songs were truly remarkable. Ranging from motivational to romantic to non-commercial, the soundtrack was a treat for the ears. There were eastern vocals mixed with a fusion of western and classical music and there were crisp female chords gelled into electric guitars and flutes. The ensemble is delicious, to say the least. The variations in rhythm, tone, drama, beats and emotions lets the listener embark on a roller coaster ride. Though the pace varies, one thing is notably consistent. The lyrics and the words of the songs are all meaningful and conceptual. Far from the nonsense being strung out from the majority of the pop industry all over the world today, Chambaili’s soundtrack features songs that are so inspirational, they would give you goosebumps!

Photo by Nawaz Nabi

Producer, Abdullah Kadwani said: “Chambaili is the stepping stone of Lollywood’s revival. I always used to wonder what I would do when I would first venture into the film industry. I used to wonder because I have never produced meaningless work. I always try to make a difference with my work. Chambaili is hope, light, a motivation that the entire nation needs.”

“I told Shahzad categorically that this was a very tough direction. There was a lot of pressure to convey the nation’s voice. I hope Allah SWT awards us for the spirit of our motives in this movie. Revolution never comes without hard work. You can jail a revolutionary but not the revolution!” That is what Chambaili aims to be: the pied piper of promise. The movie is very time-sensitive touching current issues that Pakistan is facing.

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Vocalist of Azal band, Ehtesham, who is also offline editing Chambaili, said: “You need to be enthusiastic, sentimental and emotional… in times like these. All these emotions together make up the scenario of Pakistan today. Talent in Pakistan is going down the drain because they are not getting the chance. We have tried to provide a platform and an opportunity to many people who would have otherwise not been recognised!”


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Shahzad Nawaz, writer, producer, art director and actor said: “I am very excited about this venture. Chambaili is about what Pakistan is facing today. We have tried to be the voice of the people and show them hope. The songs in Chambaili are all non-commercial except for one song. I love the title song of Chambaili. It really embodies the feel of the movie. I would recommend everyone to step out of their homes and watch this movie in cinemas when it is released. I’m hopeful about the response we will get from the audience. So far, the response for the soundtrack has been phenomenal Alhumdolillah.”

Photo by Nawaz Nabi

It was a privilege for PAF-KIET College of Media & Arts students to have been invited to the star-studded event where they were treated to soulful music and uplifting lyrics. The hall was abuzz with excitement and thrill. Every individual at the event seemed passionate about the rise of Lollywood once again. As media & arts students ourselves, we hope that we can live to see the day when Pakistan’s film industry will earn a name for itself around the world.

Interviews by: Ghania Asad, Photos by: Nawaz Nabi and Syed Faryab Shah, Compiled by: Nabiha Zeeshan