Boosting an Event through Gamification

The final project for my Gamification course this semester was to enhance participation and increase awareness about our university’s end-of-term project display. Working together as a group (Mutaiyaba, Arqam, Reema and Muznah), we came up with a strategy of gamifying the event and treating each visitor like a player.

They would not only visit the campus, but also play a game as they make their way through the exhibition and get treated at the end. They will each be handed a treasure map with which they will be easily able to navigate through the art exhibition choosing their own path depending on which field they’re interested in: graphic design, animation or TV & Film. We worked on the design taking inspiration from the layout of the “Game Over” screen of the game Mario. To promote the project display, we came up with the following campaign of teasers, social media invitations and posters. Let us know what you think!