New Android Update for HTC One X

HTC One X got an updated 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and the Sense 5.5. I’m absolutely loving the super sleek and flat design. Some of my absolute favourite updates are:

  1. The design is consistent throughout the phone
  2. Flat design everywhere: icons, buttons, app menus
  3. Thinner, taller fonts
  4. Calendar and agenda widgets lose excess design information and deliver what they’re made for: day-by-day task details
  5. Updates in Twitter allow replies to Tweets without a second tap. The reply field is right there like a chat conversation
  6. Another update in Twitter shows a thumbnail grid of recent photos if you click on the attach photo icon saving you extra taps to go into Gallery
  7. Settings panel gets revamped and boy, is it great. It has all the controls right there including a button for screenshots. No more holding down the power button and hitting home, or pressing the Volume Down and power button simultaneously. Just drag down the settings panel and hit “Screenshot”. Snap!
  8. No more untitled notes. If you’re too lazy to fill in the title field in Notes, it will automatically make your first sentence the title when you save the Note
  9. The camera app gets new features and effects including a Crop menu with Wide, Regular and Square (Instagram-like) options
  10. The Best Update: The trace keyboard sense input is now working like Flash. You trace and whoosh – the word’s there before you’ve finished typing. I don’t know how best to describe it. You need to try it for yourself. It’s super fast.

What I’m not happy with is the interface of the messages app. The conversations look cool once they’re opened up, but the reply field is ‘crushed’. Literally. Also, I’ve tried different colour themes and I still can’t get the hang of the new look. I’ve settled with the plain white and grey one but it’s just… weird. I hope I’ll grow into it because that’s a frequently used app.

Android’s flagship phone HTC One will get the new Sense 5.5 when it is upgraded to Android 4.2.3 later this month, but for an idea of what it would look like, here are some screenshots from the One X that got this update today:

P.S.: The photos you see in this post have been bulk downloaded from a Google+ album I uploaded from my phone. There’s a bulk download feature in Google+ and I just discovered it today. Here’s a screenshot:

Download Bulk Photos in Google+