CopyBlogger’s International Essay Contest is Open!

CopyBlogger is my favourite source for content writing tips. I’ve filled my hard drive with their infographics, short tips and long articles. Each article spills out so much juice that it’s hard to resist reading them again and again. Now, for the first time, they’re having an online essay competition for writers around the world. The task? A 250-word essay on why it is important to be an online authority.

Even better news? Already-famous super-writers aren’t allowed. Yay! So it’s a level-playing field. If you want to know details, see the infographic below and follow the link. Read till the end for your Thanksgiving gift.
Copyblogger Essay Contest Poster

Enter the contest or get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger.

For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend (and even those who aren’t), here’s a gift from CopyBlogger. Simply go to and register yourself for an account. You need only fill five fields. It takes seconds. And then – voila! 15 free e-books on writing killer content, a 20-part e-mail course on writing and access to the MyCopyBlogger library! I’ve already done it of course and I couldn’t believe how much free content they’ve rolled out. It’s a brilliant package and no negative side effects. No spam. No junk. Clean deal.

Have a wonderful weekend!