Creating Moods with Play of Light

I’ve always loved to watch the tiny dust particles swim in a sunbeam from a high window or see the first rays of the sun squeeze through the gaps in clouds. During the day, I rarely switch on the light bulbs, even if the weather is overcast. There’s a joy in depending on the brightness and fading of natural light, in letting the sun rays seep through cracks and holes, illuminating your room. It makes me think that the sun is at work cleaning up my room, washing away diseases, scaring off germs and fears.

In our world, light creates drama. As a kid, I played with electric torches illuminating my face from below for scary effects and when I entered the field of digital art, the understanding of light became even more important. You can’t create moods without the right hues and intensities of light. It is what has always fascinated me and will continue to wow me.


This graphic novel by Daniel Lieske is a visual treat if you share my fascination! You keep scrolling. The light keeps changing. Each scene pulls you into the story. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. Go ahead and give yourself a creative break! 🙂