When You Stumble Upon an Awesome Blog That Puts the Awe in Awesome and You Have to Tell the World About It

I suppose my title said it all. If it didn’t, please read it again. There isn’t much more I can say about the posts from Tim Mannvielle.

I am so eager to share this blog with you all that my fingers are hovering restlessly over the keyboard in search for the next word to type. I shall save myself from an anxiety attack and simply give you the link now:

Nothing About Potatoes, a blog by Tim Mannvielle.


Here are some of the things I love about how he writes his blog:

  • He writes about two or three topics in the same blog post which makes it look very natural since that is how our minds work. We don’t have ONE thought at the end of the day.
  • His blog posts have food for thought. Enormous food for thought. Each topic is well thought-out, well-written and drives you to think of your own conclusions.
  • He asks a boggling question and then with a series of logical (and well-researched arguments), tries to give an answer. No, he doesn’t question the mass of a proton and give lengthy diagrams. Instead, he would pick something as random as “if you should choose a chalice with 50/50 odds of being poisoned over one random chalice out of 100 which 100 fiends have each independently and randomly poisoned one of.” and explain which choice you should make, statistically. Of course, the best way is to just avoid being poisoned altogether 😛
  • He takes a problem such as listening to a Spotify vs. a radio station in the office and breaks it down to such detail, that the whole research seems laughable. Once you’re done reading though, you admire at how you’ve learnt something about human behaviour that day.

There’s one problem, though. He doesn’t have a subscribe button. I’m writing to him in the hopes that he will add one. Let’s see what happens. Meanwhile, let Tim fill your head with some curious “Things”.