Graphic Designing

Independence Day display pictures for a Roger Federer fan!:

These are posters I created using rastor images and illustrations.

The first is a poster for the “Red Ribbon Foundation”. The assignment was to create a poster for the organisation without using direct graphics or tag-lines. I was also not allowed to use any human elements.

Subject: Basic Design

Red Ribbon Foundation poster

The second poster was for my final project of the same subject “Basic Design”. As a final project, I had to create a poster in transparent layers (Poster was printed on 5 transparent slides and presented together). This is how the poster looked like with all the layers combined. I decided to make it on Google, because I am obsessed with it! πŸ™‚

Basic Design Final: Google Poster

H.O.P.E.S. is a charity organisation run by students of the Karachi Medical and Dental College. They organised a Mela to raise funds. I designed the poster and ticket.

I also suggested a redesigned logo for H.O.P.E.S. The first logo is the original logo followed by the redesigned logo.

Three posters I made for my first semester Colour Theory assignment. The task was to “sell” the colour green.

Here is a poster I made for my niece’s school exhibition. The exhibition was about Prophet Mohammad (S. A. W.)’s habits. The poster shows Prophet Mohammad (S. A. W.)’s favourite fruits along with nutrition information and a Hadith related to the fruit. (Hadith is a quote of Prophet Mohammad S. A. W.)

This is a layout I designed for a friend’s presentation on “muscles”. The layout is completely illustrated on Adobe Illustrator and no raster images have been used.