Teenage Brains – Miracle or Menace?

Why do 803 million teenagers love Justin Bieber and adults… not so much? And if teenage is really a menace, why has Mother Nature created this phase in the first place? Play brain games, find astonishing answers and impress your peers!


2012 in review

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 17,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 4 Film Festivals

Calling Bloggers for a Gala!

Bloggers in Karachi who’re interested in reviewing the Grand Finale of Media Chronicles – a theme-based national media & arts competition. We will be welcoming six guests of honour from the field of media & arts including Sidra Iqbal (a renowned TV anchor and host). The event will be followed by dinner.

Sar Zameen-e-Pakistan (Urdu Poem)

ایک طرف ریت کے ٹیلوں سے اٹھتی سرگوشیاں ایک طرف برفیلی چٹانوں سے گونجتی ہیں سیٹیاں فضاءیں رخ بدل بدل کر ہیں بوسہ دے رہی کھیتوں سے ٹھنڈی ہواءیں مٹا رہی خاموشیاں ایک… Continue reading

Bus Ab… (Urdu Poem)

جذبہ فکر اب پکار بس ہونے کو ہے شب ظلم اب آفتاب بس ہونے کو ہے ایک قطرہ اور جو گر گیا اس مٹی پہ خزاں کہتی ہے اب بہار بس ہونے کو… Continue reading

Hope (Umeed) – Urdu Poem

باد صبااگر ویراں شہر میں پہرہ در ہے تو کیا نءے دن کے اجالے افق کے لب سے دور نہیں اگر آج خزاں کے خوف سے کھلتی نہیں تو کیا انہیں کلیوں کی… Continue reading

Welcome New CMA Students!

For new members of the CMA Family: *cool laboratory voice* Welcome, recruit. It is a privilege to have yet another set of young and (hopefully) bright minds at PAF-KIET College of Media & Arts. We… Continue reading

Media Chronicles – Chapter 2 Social Media Campaign

Salam to all Pressers! As I ranted in my previous post, I’ve been absorbed in organising a theme-based international media & arts competition titled “Media Chronicles“. As Director of Marketing and Public Relations,… Continue reading

Media Chronicles – Chapter 2

Whether you’re a photographer, film maker, sketch artist, public speaker, animator, graphic designer or stage actor – at Media Chronicles everyone’s a winner – we’ll make sure of that. Registrations are still open so if you’re interested hit us on pafkiet.edu.pk/cma/mediachronicles
Are you ignoring the knock on your door?

Book Page Wreath

Ah-MAZING. If you’re a book worm and you’re on summer vacations, you can now rip apart a book you don’t like (Twilight?) and make a gorgeous decoration piece out of it. If you’re… Continue reading