In Memory of My College

I once got a chance to visit the Defence Authority Degree College for Women (Phase VIII) during vacations – the deserted corridors and empty spaces seemed enchanted. Now that I have graduated from… Continue reading


Instinct – the one thing every human has, and yet has no control over. Helpless and defeated, we surrender against ourselves. The lights shimmered eerily around him Once charming, now seemed haunting Illuminating… Continue reading

Book Cover Designs in Photoshop

These are five book covers that I designed in Photoshop. The first four use my own illustrations whereas the last one makes use of rastor images. For the illustrations, I looked up reference… Continue reading

Typography Tips with Amazing Examples

Typography tips you may not have known – with amazing examples.

Aisam’s speech (US Open 2010)

Aisam-ul-Haq, the Pakistani tennis player, who gained fame after once defeating Roger Federer, recently made it to the US Open 2010 (Men’s Doubles). He partnered with India’s Bopana to shine as runner-ups in… Continue reading

Rains on the last day of Ramzan

We’re fasting for the last time this year. Also, we’re enjoying the wonderful rain here in Karachi. Weather for Karachi [via Google] 27°C Current: Thunderstorm Wind: SE at 34 km/h Humidity: 89% Here’s a video… Continue reading

Dawn in Karachi

A video of dawn in Karachi, Pakistan. Captured with Nikon D5000.

These tweeples are it; I can be the change too! YES I can!

here’s an ode to Tweeples from the Twitterverse whom I’m honoured to be connected to in some small way. I believe it is our responsibility to spread the positives about Pakistan. There are too many people (and media personnel) jabbering about what’s wrong with this country. It’s high time we stood out from the crowd and for a change, highlighted the heroes that dwell in this Land of the Pure.
From now on, let’s not discuss a negative without discussing its solution as well! Let’s revive hope; Let’s rejuvenate the positive; Let’s BE the change! These tweeples are crystal clear signs that optimism and hope are not unrealistic; that it is still not too late to believe “YES we can!”

Sketches – Still Life and Life Drawing

These are my sketches from 1st and 2nd semester courses of Still Life Drawing and Life Drawing respectively. Sketch Pencils: 2B – 6B | Colour Pencils: Faber Castell | Pointers: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3,… Continue reading

Rains In Karachi

It’s raining hard here. Caught some lightning on film with my Nikon D5000.