Blog Stats

My Blog stats show that people surf through blogs on Saturdays most. Leave a comment and tell me what your blog stats show! 🙂 See my blog for material that can help you… Continue reading

Dream World Resort experience

Account of my Dream World Resort visit.

The Pilot

THE PILOT The pilot soared above the stretching lands Determined to achieve the goal so grand He swerved left and then to the right Swiftly moving among the varied sights There the children… Continue reading

The Colony at Work

THE COLONY AT WORK The piece of bread passes on From Derrick to Nicole Nicole takes the burden Towards the nearest hole. Mary takes over next And proceeds in the dark When Tom… Continue reading

Story of an Earthquake Survivor

Pakistan was hit by a devastating earthquake on 8th October, 2005. STORY OF AN EARTHQUAKE SURVIVOR I wake up one Sunday morning To find that my family is gone. My house has tumbled… Continue reading

8th October Earthquake

Pakistan was hit by a devastating earthquake in the northern regions on the 8th of October, 2005. THE EVENT OF 8th OCTOBER, 2005 The morning that is so fresh and bright Was filled… Continue reading

Life – A Poem

LIFE A dark corridor flanked by gloom on both sides, Footsteps of treachery becoming louder, At every step, loathing and malice hides, And discrimination looms prouder. In the shadows, falsehood lurks, Silently laughing… Continue reading

Kudos to my college teachers!

TRIBUTE TO ALL MY COLLEGE TEACHERS – I SALUTE YOU! (D. A. Degree College for Women Phase VIII – Karachi) People told me life is tough, they said it is uneven They said… Continue reading

Karachi Boat Club

Photos of Karachi Boat Club


For my best friends forever: Marium Jamil, Asfia Arham Khursheed, Nimra Binte Khalid, Tehreem Aftab and Sumeen Farooqui. I know when I’ll spend each day In your memory, dreading my fears You’ll still… Continue reading